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Jubilee House Assisted Living and Memory Care

This was a ground up project consisting of three story assisted living facility just under 100,000 square feet connected to a 16,500 one level memory care facility. The entire facility contains 103 residential units. The main building contains a commercial kitchen, exhibition kitchen, full dining facilities, resident lounge facilities on each floor, activity rooms of various types, wellness center, movie theatre, library, bistro, resident laundry facilities and public facilities on each floor. The facility also has backup a backup power generator to operate the essential operations in the event of a power failure. The building contains two 6000# elevators for convenient service of the building occupants. The building was designed and constructed as a type 2-A construction. The building primary frame is concrete masonry units and floor system is also concrete (pre-stressed concrete planks) The building is also fully protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system.